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Fire System Inspections

Many  properties, from restaurants to computer labs, need dependable fire warning and automatic extinguishing systems. You can trust us to service and inspect your fire system, regardless of its type. Our technicians are all fully licensed and have years of experience. Many businesses rely on us to keep them safe. We regularly service restaurants on a semi-annual schedule.

Customers with computer rooms often choose a Halon-based fire safety system as it will not damage electronics. Halon works by removing oxygen from a fire, as opposed to dousing it with harmful liquids or chemicals. To service a halon system, we check nozzles and mechanisms in the overhead hood to ensure everything is in working order. If a fire were to occur, the hood would release a flame retardant substance on the fire.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

In the event of an emergency, it is crucial to know the quickest way out of a building. Broken or damaged exit and emergency lighting severely reduces the ability of occupants to escape the property. Our experienced professionals perform tests on these lights and replace batteries and bulbs if needed. By pressing the test button and waiting for a pre-determined amount of time, we ensure that your lights would last for an extensive length of time if electricity were to go out. Many clients have used this service for their industrial and commercial properties, including condominiums, apartments, businesses, restaurants, movie theatres, and department stores.